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2020 Foro on line Casa de América

Energy transition in Latin America after Covid-19

Representatives of Spanish energy companies with a presence in Latin America take part in this meeting organized by Casa América, together with the Repsol Foundation, to address the recovery challenges in this new, greener, economic, and productive space.

Latin America is the second most attractive region in the world for investment in renewable energy. After the COVID-19 pandemic, new opportunities are opening up to continue making progress in the energy transition and the fight against climate change. Several representatives of Spanish energy companies participated in a talk, organized by Casa América, to analyze the future of the energy transition in Latin America after the impact of coronavirus. This event is part of the conference series organized by the Repsol Foundation. Ángel Bautista, director of Institutional Relations at Repsol; José Ignacio Escobar, general director of Energy for Latin America at Acciona; Marta Martínez, from the department of Energy Policies and Climate Change at Iberdrola; and María Higueras, director of Strategy at Naturgy, participated in a digital conference, led by Arturo Larena, director of EFEverde, to exchange ideas on the challenges of the energy transition in a new, greener, economic, and productive space after COVID-19.

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